Class name Prestige
Abjurant Champion yes
Abolisher yes
Acolyte of the Ego yes
Acolyte of the Skin yes
Adept no
Agent Retriever yes
Aglarondan Griffonrider yes
Akodo Champion yes
Alchemist Savant yes
Alienist yes
Anarchic Initiate yes
Ancient Master yes
Anima Mage yes
Animal Lord yes
Anointed Knight yes
Apostle of Peace yes
Arachne yes
Arachnomancer yes
Arachnomancer yes
Arboreal Guardian yes
Arcane Archer yes
Arcane Devotee yes
Arcane Hierophant yes
Arcane Trickster yes
Archivist no
Archmage yes
Ardent no
Ardent Dilettante yes
Argent Fist yes
Argent Savant yes
Aristocrat no
Artificer no
Ashworm Dragoon yes
Assassin yes
Astral Dancer yes
Atavist yes
Auspician yes
Avenging Executioner yes
Bane of Infidels yes
Barbarian no
Bard no
Bardic Sage no
Battle Maiden yes
Battle Scion yes
Battle Sorcerer no
Battle Trickster yes
Battlerager yes
Battlesmith yes
Bayushi Deceiver yes
Bear Warrior yes
Beast Heart Adept yes
Beastmaster yes
Beguiler no
Beholder Mage yes
Beloved of Valarian yes
Bereft yes
Berserk yes
Binder no
Black Blood Cultist yes
Black Blood Hunter yes
Black Dog yes
Black Flame Zealot yes
Blackguard yes
Blade Bravo yes
Blade Dancer yes
Blade of Orien yes
Bladesinger yes
Blighter yes
Blood Magus yes
Bloodclaw Master yes
Bloodhound yes
Bloodscaled Fury yes
Bloodstorm Blade yes
Bonded Summoner yes
Bone Collector yes
Bone Knight yes
Breachgnome yes
Brimstone Speaker yes
Cabinet Trickster yes
Cancer Mage yes
Candle Caster yes
Cannith Wand Adept yes
Cataclysm Mage yes
Cavalier yes
Cavelord yes
Cavestalker yes
Celebrant of Sharess yes
Celestial Mystic yes
Cerebremancer yes
Chameleon yes
Champion of Corellon Larethian yes
Champion of Gwynharwyf yes
Chaotician yes
Child of Night yes
Church Inquisitor yes
Cipher Adept yes
Citadel Elite yes
Cleric no
Cloaked Dancer yes
Cloistered Cleric no
Cloud Anchorite yes
Cognition Thief yes
Coiled Cabalist yes
Combat Medic yes
Combat Trapsmith yes
Commoner no
Consecrated Harrier yes
Contemplative yes
Corrupt Avenger yes
Cosmic Descryer yes
Court Herald yes
Cragtop Archer yes
Crimson Scourge yes
Crinti Shadow Marauder yes
Crusader no
Cryokineticist yes
Cultist of the Shattered Peak yes
Cyran Avenger yes
Cyre Scout yes
Daggerspell Mage yes
Daggerspell Shaper yes
Daidoji Bodyguard yes
Dark Hunter yes
Dark Lantern yes
Dark Scholar yes
Darkmask yes
Darkrunner yes
Darkwood Stalker yes
Dawncaller yes
Deadgrim yes
Death Delver yes
Death's Chosen yes
Deathwarden Chanter yes
Deep Diviner yes
Deepstone Sentinel yes
Deepwarden yes
Deepwood Sniper yes
Defender of Sealtiel yes
Defiant yes
Demonbinder yes
Demonologist yes
Demonwrecker yes
Deneith Warden yes
Dervish yes
Devoted Defender yes
Diabolist yes
Diamond Dragon yes
Dirgesinger yes
Disciple of Ashardalon yes
Disciple of Asmodeus yes
Disciple of Baalzebul yes
Disciple of Dispater yes
Disciple of Mammon yes
Disciple of Mephistopheles yes
Disciple of the Eye yes
Disciple of the Word yes
Disciple of Thrym yes
Dispassionate Watcher of Chronepsis yes
Divine Agent yes
Divine Bard no
Divine Champion yes
Divine Crusader yes
Divine Disciple yes
Divine Emissary yes
Divine Mind no
Divine Oracle yes
Divine Prankster yes
Divine Seeker yes
Domain Wizard no
Doomdreamer yes
Doomguide yes
Doomlord yes
Dracolexi yes
Dracolyte yes
Dragon Ascendant yes
Dragon Descendant yes
Dragon Devotee yes
Dragon Disciple yes
Dragon Lord yes
Dragon Prophet yes
Dragon Rider yes
Dragon Samurai yes
Dragon Shaman no
Dragonfire Adept no
Dragonheart Mage yes
Dragonkith yes
Dragonmark Heir yes
Dragonrider yes
Dragonslayer yes
Dragonsong Lyrist yes
Dragonstalker yes
Dread Commando yes
Dread Fang of Lolth yes
Dread Necromancer no
Dread Pirate yes
Dread Witch yes
Dreadmaster yes
Drow Judicator yes
Druid no
Druidic Avenger no
Drunken Master yes
Duelist yes
Duergar Racial Class no
Dungeon Delver yes
Duraak'ash yes
Durthan yes
Duskblade no
Dwarven Defender yes
Dweomerkeeper yes
Earth Dreamer yes
Ebon Saint yes
Ebonmar Infiltrator yes
Ectopic Adept yes
Effigy Master yes
Eidolon no
Eidoloncer no
Eldeen Ranger yes
Eldritch Disciple yes
Eldritch Knight yes
Eldritch Theurge yes
Elemental Archon yes
Elemental Master yes
Elemental Savant yes
Elemental Scion of Zilargo yes
Elemental Warrior yes
Elocater yes
Elven High Mage yes
Emancipated Spawn yes
Emissary of Barachiel yes
Enlightened Fist yes
Enlightened Spirit yes
Entropomancer yes
Ephemeral Exemplar yes
Epic Arcane Archer yes
Epic Assassin yes
Epic Barbarian no
Epic Bard no
Epic Blackguard yes
Epic Cleric no
Epic Druid no
Epic Dwarven Defender yes
Epic Fighter no
Epic Infiltrator yes
Epic Loremaster yes
Epic Monk no
Epic Paladin no
Epic Psion no
Epic Psychic Warrior no
Epic Ranger no
Epic Rogue no
Epic Shadowdancer yes
Epic Sorcerer no
Epic Wizard no
Erudite (variant Psion) no
Escalation Mage yes
Eternal Blade yes
Eunuch Warlock yes
Evangelist yes
Evereskan Tomb Guardian yes
Exalted Arcanist yes
Exemplar yes
Exorcist of the Silver Flame yes
Exotic Weapon Master yes
Expert no
Extreme Explorer yes
Eye of Gruumsh yes
Eye of Horus-re yes
Eye of Lolth yes
Factotum no
Faith Scion yes
Fang of Lolth yes
Fang of Sseth yes
Fatemaker yes
Fatespinner yes
Favored Soul no
Fiend of Blasphemy yes
Fiend of Corruption yes
Fiend of Possession yes
Fiend-blooded yes
Fiendbinder yes
Fighter no
Fist of Dal Quor yes
Fist of Hextor yes
Fist of Raziel yes
Fist of the Forest yes
Fist of Zuoken yes
Flayerspawn Psychic yes
Fleshwarper yes
Fochlucan Lyrist yes
Foe Hunter yes
Forest Master yes
Forest Reeve yes
Forsaker yes
Fortune's Friend yes
Frenzied Berserker yes
Frost Mage yes
Frostrager yes
Gatecrasher yes
Gatekeeper Mystagogue yes
Geomancer yes
Geometer yes
Ghost Slayer yes
Ghost-faced Killer yes
Ghostwalker yes
Giant-killer yes
Githyanki Racial Class no
Githzerai Racial Class no
Gladiator yes
Glorious Servitor yes
Gnome Artificer yes
Gnome Giant-slayer yes
Goldeye yes
Goliath Liberator yes
Gray Guard yes
Gray Hand Enforcer yes
Great Rift Deep Defender yes
Great Rift Skyguard yes
Great Sea Corsair yes
Green Star Adept yes
Guardian Paramount yes
Guild Thief yes
Guild Wizard of Waterdeep yes
Half-giant Racial Class no
Halfling Outrider yes
Halruaan Elder yes
Halruaan Magehound yes
Hammer of Moradin yes
Hand of the Adama yes
Hand of the Winged Masters yes
Harper Agent yes
Harper Mage yes
Harper Paragon yes
Harper Priest yes
Harper Scout yes
Hathran yes
Havoc Mage yes
Haztaratain yes
Healer no
Heartwarder yes
Heir of Siberys yes
Hellbreaker yes
Hellfire Warlock yes
Hellreaver yes
Henshin Mystic yes
Hexblade no
Hexer yes
Hida Defender yes
Hidecarved Dragon yes
Hierophant yes
High Elemental Binder yes
High Proselytizer yes
Highland Stalker yes
Hin Fist yes
Hoardstealer yes
Holt Warden yes
Holy Liberator yes
Holy Scourge yes
Hordebreaker yes
Horizon Walker yes
Horned Harbinger yes
Hospitaler yes
Hulking Hurler yes
Hunter of the Dead yes
Iaijutsu Master yes
Iinitiate of the Draconic Mysteries yes
Illithid Body Tamer yes
Illithid Savant yes
Illithid Slayer yes
Illumine Soul yes
Imaskari Vengeance Taker yes
Impure Prince yes
Incandescent Champion yes
Incantatrix yes
Incarnate no
Incarnum Blade yes
Initiate of Pistis Sophia yes
Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil yes
Inquisitor yes
Inquisitor of the Drowning Goddess yes
Insidious Corruptor yes
Invisible Blade yes
Iron Mind yes
Ironsoul Forgemaster yes
Jade Phoenix Mage yes
Jaunter yes
Jordain Vizier yes
Justice of Weald and Woe yes
Justiciar yes
Justiciar of Taiia yes
Justiciar of Tyr yes
Keeper of the Cerulean Sign yes
Kensai yes
King/queen of the Wild yes
Kinslayer yes
Kishi Charger yes
Knight no
Knight of the Blue Moon yes
Knight of the Chalice yes
Knight of the Crown yes
Knight of the Iron Glacier yes
Knight of the Lily yes
Knight of the Middle Circle yes
Knight of the Pearl yes
Knight of the Raven yes
Knight of the Rose yes
Knight of the Sacred Seal yes
Knight of the Skull yes
Knight of the Sword yes
Knight of the Thorn yes
Knight Phantom yes
Knight Protector yes
Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom yes
Knight-errant of Silverymoon yes
Landforged Walker yes
Lasher yes
Legacy Champion yes
Legendary Captain yes
Legendary Dreadnought yes
Legendary Leader yes
Legendary Tactician yes
Leviathan Hunter yes
Lifedrinker yes
Lightbringer yes
Lion of Talisid yes
Lord of Tides yes
Loredelver yes
Loremaster yes
Luckstealer yes
Luiren Marchwarden yes
Lurk no
Lurking Terror yes
Lyric Thaumaturge yes
Maester yes
Mage of the Arcane Order yes
Mage-killer yes
Magelord yes
Magical Trickster yes
Maho-bujin yes
Maho-tsukai yes
Maiden of Pain yes
Malconvoker yes
Mantis Mercenary yes
Maquar Crusader yes
Marshal no
Martyred Champion of Ilmater yes
Master Alchemist yes
Master Inquisitive yes
Master of Chains yes
Master of Flies yes
Master of Many Forms yes
Master of Masks yes
Master of Nine yes
Master of Radiance yes
Master of Shadow yes
Master of Shrouds yes
Master of the Unseen Hand yes
Master of the Yuirwood yes
Master of Vipers yes
Master Samurai yes
Master Specialist yes
Master Thrower yes
Master Transmogrifist yes
Master Vampire yes
Medani Prophet yes
Menacing Brute yes
Merchant Prince yes
Metamind yes
Mindbender yes
Mindspy yes
Mirumoto Niten Master yes
Monk no
Monk of the Long Death yes
Moonspeaker yes
Moonstar Agent yes
Morninglord of Lathander yes
Mortal Hunter yes
Moto Avenger yes
Mountebank yes
Mystic no
Mystic Theurge yes
Mystic Wanderer yes
Mythic Exemplar yes
Naga Overlord yes
Nar Demonbinder yes
Nature's Warrior yes
Necrocarnate yes
Nentyar Hunter yes
Night Mask Deathbringer yes
Nightcloak yes
Nightmare Spinner yes
Nightsong Enforcer yes
Nightsong Infiltrator yes
Ninja no
Ninja of the Crescent Moon yes
Ninja Spy yes
Noble no
Noctumancer yes
Nosomatic Chirurgeon yes
Occult Slayer yes
Ocular Adept yes
Olin Gisir yes
Ollam yes
Oozemaster yes
Orc Scout yes
Orc Warlord yes
Ordained Champion yes
Order of the Bow Initiate yes
Outcast Champion yes
Outlaw of the Crimson Road yes
Pact-bound Adept yes
Paladin no
Paladin of Freedom no
Paladin of Slaughter no
Paladin of Tyranny no
Paladin Variant no
Pale Master yes
Paragnostic Apostle yes
Paragnostic Initiate yes
Peerless Archer yes
Peregrine Runner yes
Perfect Wight yes
Pious Templar yes
Planar Champion yes
Planar Ranger no
Planar Shepherd yes
Planeshifter yes
Platinum Knight yes
Prestige Bard yes
Prestige Paladin yes
Prestige Ranger yes
Primal Scholar yes
Prime Underdark Guide yes
Primeval yes
Prophet of Erathaoi yes
Psibond Agent yes
Psion no
Psion Uncarnate yes
Psionic Artificer no
Psychic Warrior no
Purifier of the Hallowed Doctrine yes
Purple Dragon Knight yes
Pyrokineticist yes
Quori Mindhunter yes
Quori Nightmare yes
Radiant Servant of Pelor yes
Rage Mage yes
Rainbow Servant yes
Ranger no
Ranger Variant no
Raumathari Battlemage yes
Ravager yes
Reachrunner yes
Reaping Mauler yes
Recaster yes
Red Avenger yes
Red Wizard yes
Reforged yes
Renegade Mastermaker yes
Revenant Blade yes
Righteous Zealot yes
Rimefire Witch yes
Risen Martyr yes
Rogue no
Ronin yes
Royal Explorer yes
Ruathar yes
Ruby Knight Vindicator yes
Runecaster yes
Runescarred Berserker yes
Runesmith yes
Sacred Exorcist yes
Sacred Fist yes
Sacred Purifier yes
Sacred Warder of Bahamut yes
Samurai no
Sanctified Mind yes
Sanctified One yes
Sand Shaper yes
Sapphire Hierarch yes
Savage Bard no
Savant Aboleth yes
Scaled Horror yes
Scar Enforcer yes
Scarlet Corsair yes
Scion of Dantalion yes
Scion of Tem-et-nu yes
Scorpion Heritor yes
Scorpion Wraith yes
Scourge Maiden yes
Scout no
Sea Mother Whip yes
Sea Witch yes
Seeker of the Misty Isle yes
Seeker of the Song yes
Sentinel of Bharrai yes
Serene Guardian yes
Serpent Slayer yes
Shaaryan Hunter yes
Shade Hunter yes
Shadow Adept yes
Shadow Hunter yes
Shadow Scout yes
Shadow Sentinel yes
Shadow Sun Ninja yes
Shadow Thief of Amn yes
Shadowbane Inquisitor yes
Shadowbane Stalker yes
Shadowblade yes
Shadowcaster no
Shadowcraft Mage yes
Shadowcrafter yes
Shadowdancer yes
Shadowmind yes
Shadowsmith yes
Shadowspy yes
Shadowstriker yes
Shaman no
Shapeshifter yes
Sharn Skymage yes
Shiba Protector yes
Shifter yes
Shining Blade of Heironeous yes
Shintao Monk yes
Shou Disciple yes
Shugenja no
Silver Key yes
Silver Pyromancer yes
Silverstar yes
Singer of Concordance yes
Singh Rager yes
Siren yes
Skullclan Hunter yes
Skylord yes
Skypledged yes
Slaad Brooder yes
Slayer of Domiel yes
Slime Lord yes
Sohei no
Solar Channeler yes
Soldier of Light yes
Sorcerer no
Soul Eater yes
Soulborn no
Soulbow yes
Soulcaster yes
Soulguard yes
Soulknife no
Sovereign Speaker yes
Specialized Wizard Variants no
Spell Scion yes
Spellcarved Soldier yes
Spellcaster no
Spelldancer yes
Spellfire Channeler yes
Spellguard of Silverymoon yes
Spellsinger yes
Spellsword yes
Spellthief no
Spellwarp Sniper yes
Spinemeld Warrior yes
Spirit Shaman no
Spur Lord yes
Spymaster yes
Squire of Legend yes
Stalker of Kharash yes
Steel Legionnaire yes
Stoneblessed yes
Stonedeath Assassin yes
Stonelord yes
Stonespeaker Guardian yes
Storm Disciple yes
Storm Sentry yes
Stormcaster yes
Stormlord yes
Stormsinger yes
Stormtalon yes
Streetfighter yes
Strifeleader yes
Sublime Chord yes
Suel Arcanamach yes
Sun Soul Monk yes
Sunmaster yes
Survivor yes
Swanmay yes
Swashbuckler no
Swift Scion yes
Swift Wing yes
Sword Dancer yes
Sword of Righteousness yes
Swordsage no
Sybil yes
Tactical Soldier yes
Tainted Scholar yes
Tainted Sorcerer yes
Tainted Warrior yes
Talon of Tiamat yes
Talontar Blightlord yes
Tamer of Beasts yes
Tattooed Monk yes
Techsmith yes
Telflammar Shadowlord yes
Tempest yes
Templar yes
Temple Raider of Olidammara yes
Tenebrous Apostate yes
Thaumaturgist yes
Thayan Gladiator yes
Thayan Knight yes
Thayan Slaver yes
Thief of Life yes
Thief-acrobat yes
Thrall of Demogorgon yes
Thrall of Graz'zt yes
Thrall of Juiblex yes
Thrall of Orcus yes
Thrallherd yes
Thri-kreen Racial Class no
Thug no
Thunder Guide yes
Tomb Warden yes
Topaz Guardian yes
Totem Barbarian no
Totem Rager yes
Totemist no
Trapsmith yes
Tribal Protector yes
Troubadour of Stars yes
True Necromancer yes
Truenamer no
Twisted Lord yes
Ultimate Magus yes
Umbral Disciple yes
Unbound Scroll yes
Uncanny Trickster yes
Unholy Ravager of Tiamat yes
Union Sentinel yes
Unseen Seer yes
Ur-priest yes
Urban Adept no
Urban Ranger no
Urban Savant yes
Urban Soul yes
Vadalis Beastkeeper yes
Vassal of Bahamut yes
Vengeance Knight yes
Verdant Lord yes
Vermin Keeper yes
Vermin Lord yes
Vigilant Sentinel of Aerenal yes
Vigilante yes
Virtuoso yes
Visionary Seeker yes
Void Disciple yes
Walker In the Waste yes
War Chanter yes
War Hulk yes
War Mind yes
War Weaver yes
War Wizard of Cormyr yes
Warblade no
Warchief yes
Warforged Juggernaut yes
Warlock no
Warmage no
Warmaster yes
Warpriest yes
Warrior no
Warrior of Darkness yes
Warrior Skald yes
Warshaper yes
Warsling Sniper yes
Watch Detective yes
Wavekeeper yes
Waverider yes
Waveservant yes
Wayfarer Guide yes
Weapon Master yes
Weapon Master (kensei) yes
Wearer of Purple yes
Weretouched Master yes
Whisperknife yes
Wild Mage yes
Wild Plains Outrider yes
Wild Scout yes
Wild Soul yes
Wilder no
Wilderness Rogue no
Wildrunner yes
Windrider yes
Windwalker yes
Windwright Captain yes
Winterhaunt of Iborighu yes
Witch Hunter yes
Witch Slayer yes
Witchborn Binder yes
Wizard no
Wizard of High Sorcery yes
Wonderworker yes
Wu Jen no
Wyrm Wizard yes
Yakuza yes
Yathchol Webrider yes
Yathrinshee yes
Yuan-ti Cultist yes
Zerth Cenobite yes
Zhentarim Skymage yes
Zhentarim Spy yes
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